L'équipe et le projet

Les Arcades de l'Amirauté Project was initiated in 2006 to develop a space that is beyond the business center, a bridge between European, International and Algerians professional ecosystems.

The ambition of Les Arcades de l'Amirauté is to encourage meetings and boost trade based on principles of reciprocity and collective successes. To do this Les Arcades de l'Amirauté has developed a dynamic service both in spatial planning in the associated services.

The objective is to promote the quality and speed of integration and participation of beneficiaries in the Algerian economic ecosystem. Conversely, Les Arcades de l'Amirauté wants to promote the Algiers' initiatives and thus contribute to international influence. This requires the establishment of collective initiatives and organizing events.

Open to both large businesses and Starts-Up / SOHO and SMEs, co-working spaces have been opened and made available to innovators.